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Are you prepared for the International Roadcheck taking place June 4-6?  

During these 72 hours, truck drivers can expect increased inspections and heightened enforcement. Inspectors will primarily conduct North American Standard Level 1 inspections, which includes examining the driver’s record of duty status and a vehicle’s mechanical fitness. 

This year’s focus is on steering and suspension. These safety-critical systems not only support the heavy loads carried by trucks but help maintain stability and control under acceleration and braking. Additionally, they keep tires aligned, reducing chances of uneven tire wear and possible tire failure, to provide steering stability and good handling. 

What will be inspected?

  • Brake systems
  • Cargo securement 
  • Coupling devices 
  • Driveline/driveshaft
  • Exhaust systems
  • Frames
  • Fuel systems 
  • Lighting devices (i.e., headlamps, tail lamps, stop lamps, turn signals, and lamps/flags on projecting loads) 
  • Steering mechanisms
  • Suspensions
  • Tires
  • Van and open-top trailer bodies
  • Wheels, rims, and hubs 
  • Windshield wipers


But don’t forget additional items during the check including electrical cables, systems in the engine, battery compartments, and seating (temporary and aisle seats). 

Learn more about the International Road Check.

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