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We are proud to have been recognized in thetop 2% in North America for performance in allSmartWaymetrics (CO2, NOx, PM), grams per mile and grams per ton-mile. 

As a result, we have left the other 98% of trucking companies in the dust! This is an incredible achievement that could only have been possible if all areas of our team worked in sync; the trucking, dispatch and admin teams alongside customer relations and up to branch directors and management.  

Some of our achievements are: 

• Our consumption of 31.237 liters of fuel per 100km, ranking us at 53 out of 950 truck carriers 

• Our average payload of 16.75 tonnes ranks us at 442 out of 950 

• Our annual average of 187,526 km per truck has ranked us at 167 out of 950 on average kilometers per truck 

• Out of 6.6% of total kilometers being empty kilometers, we rank 245 out of 950 carriers in empty kilometer percentage 

• Our 75% capacity utilization percentage ranks 108 out of 950 carriers 

We have made it to the top 2% on this list by: 

• Consuming 31.237 liters of fuel per 100km, placing us at 53 out of 950 truck carriers 

• Payload average of 16.75 tonnes, ranking us at 442 out of 950 

• An annual average of 187,526 km per truck places us at 167 out of 950 carriers 

• 6.6% of total kilometers being empty kilometers, we rank 245 out of 950 

• Our 75% capacity utilization percentage ranks 108 out of 950 carriers  

Our largest gains since 2016 have shown that we have achieved the highest difference in our idling of trucks, showing an average of 245 hours per truck for 2017, as compared to a whopping 780 hours in the previous year. A reduction of -68.59% over the year has pushed us up to 59th out of 950 SmartWay TL/Dry Van Operation truck carriers in average idling hours. After this, the next biggest gains are in our emissions of Nitrous Oxide (NOx), at -44.77% and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) at -4.53%. both of these are more than double the average per TL/Dry Van Operation truck carriers in 2017.  

These facts and figures show that we have been making consistent efforts both internally, within departments, and these have resulted in a strong decline in wasteful practices. We are consuming less fuel, filling up our trucks more, and being more efficient per kilometer, to get the products to clients. The upside of this effort is we are a cleaner, greener company that directly convert to gains for our customers and clients. 

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